The Twists and Turns of Business Transactions

Smooth transactions are one of the keys to a business running well, this applies not only to customers but also to sellers. However, there are times when customers apply payment terms that are long enough so that the income is not immediately received by the seller. For some sellers, income that is not received immediately (and the goods have to be shipped) can have an impact on business operations. One of the impacts that is immediately felt is cash flow that is not smooth.

Delayed Payment Factors

For sellers, it must be known that there are more than one factors that cause delays in payments from customers or vendors. Starting from not receiving invoices from sellers to hampered cash flow from their side.

Buyer Does Not/Has Not Received Invoice from Seller

The buyer does not or has not received the invoice from the seller so he cannot continue payment because he did not receive the document. This could be caused by the seller’s carelessness or the customer’s carelessness because the document may be tucked away in a pile of other documents.

If sent using a courier, the seller must ensure that the following documents arrive safely and are received by the buyer.

Buyer Received Wrong Invoice

The buyer receives an invoice, but it turns out the document the seller sent was wrong. This results in delays in payments from customers for actual transactions. To overcome this problem, sellers must be more careful in sending correct and appropriate transaction documents.

Buyer Receives Incomplete Documents

Generally, for transactions between large companies, there must be special documents attached to a transaction, including invoice documents, purchase orders, and tax invoices. If the following documents are not received completely, the customer will not make payment so it will be delayed.

Buyer Doesn’t Have the Income to Pay Yet

On the other hand, the aspect that can cause payment delays is that the customer does not have income or cash so he is unable to make payments to the seller.

Buyers Have Limitations in Making Payments

The final factor, customers have system limitations in making payments, if they are only able to pay in cash. Meanwhile, on the seller’s side, they can only accept payments by bank transfer. Differences in payment systems can prevent smooth transactions.

BPSP as a Solution to Receive Faster Payments

Late payments can hinder the seller’s cash flow and this can have a further impact on business operations.

However, this problem can be overcome with BPSP facilities from Visa. BPSP is an abbreviation for Business Payment Solution Provider, which is a business-to-business payment between sellers and buyers. Working similarly to Mauju Invoice Pricing, the BPSP service from Visa allows sellers to receive payments more quickly from customers so that transactions can run more smoothly.

By using BPSP facilities, sellers can receive payments more quickly so that there are no more delays from buyers. How to?

BPSP provides solutions in more than one way:

Provides Payment with a Visa Credit Card

For customers and sellers who have different payment systems, BPSP bridges this by providing payment using a Visa Credit Card for buyers, and the funds will go directly to the seller’s account.

Providing the convenience of paying now and paying the bill 55 days later

Buyers with limited funds can use a Visa credit card to pay for transactions on time, even faster, without having to think about cash flow conditions. The buyer can pay the bill 55 days later.

Transaction Documents Received Completely and Quickly

With Mauju Invoice Management Software, sellers can create and send invoices and tax invoices directly to customers to minimize the risk of losing documents or not receiving documents.

Not only does it support sellers in getting faster payments, BPSP facilities also support maximizing business cash flow.


The ups and downs of starting a business don’t always run smoothly, one of which is when transactions occur and customers are late in paying. Many factors could be behind this delay, such as customers who have not received invoices or customers having difficulty making payments due to limited cash flow.

This delay in receiving payments can be overcome by using the BPSP (Business Payment Solution Provider) facility from Visa. Working similarly to Mauju Invoice Management Software, BPSP is a business-to-business payment solution between sellers and buyers.

With BPSP, sellers can receive payments more quickly because customers can use Visa credit cards to pay bills without having to disrupt business cash flow.

Not only that, BPSP also bridges the payment systems for sellers and customers if the two have differences. The payment process runs faster, transactions run smoothly, and business operations run smoothly.

Currently, you can use a Visa credit card to pay taxes and non-tax state revenues online. Enjoy the benefits, find complete information here.